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The Raspberry Pi you loaded this site from It's web-scale!

One fine morning, I decided I should get my own domain. I have friends with snappy domains like and, despite my much-longer name, I was determined to snag a vanity domain for myself. After much scouring the internet, I grabbed for the sick email address and URL. I set up my Github Pages site to serve from the latter and ran into some issues. Of course, that left only one option: to rewrite the site from the ground up and host it myself. That's easier, right?

So now, there's a Raspberry Pi 3 on the floor in my room serving this site. VPSes are overrated when you can hit a blistering 87 RPS on a 4W passively cooled ARM chip! Comments are gone, but seeing as the only people who ever visit this site are myself and Russian SEO spammers, I don't think that's much of a loss. The code is here if you're interested, but it's a bog-standard barebones blog app. Feel free to copy it or something.